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Gerip started this conversation

I am in desperate need of money.  It is not a lot of money that I am asking for.  Only a little of your money so that I continue to live.  I can not pay my rent, utilities or for food.  I have been unable to find a job. I have worked almost all of my adult life.  Everything that I own is in storage and I can not pay the storage charges.  My mother at the age of 96 years passed away and I was the person that paid her caregivers, food, utilities, prescription co-payments and personal products.  When she died I had to sell her home because of a reverse mortgage that she had taken out.  The reverse mortgage contract did not allow anyone to get any money from the sale of her home.  There was interest on top of interest and lots of fees associated with the sale of her home.  After paying all of her expenses before and after her death I have no money left. Please help me by putting money in my Paypal account that I have set up under this email address.

Setting up a paypal is free and sending money via paypal is free.  It is also a savings account that will earn interest for me.

Please help me!!!!  I am begging!!!!

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littlelacie   in reply to jake and gina k
medicaid pays for taxi to and from doctor appointments.
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jake and gina k   in reply to Stan the Man
i have had 3 surgery on my neck and 1 on my lower back ;not any better; like to open a taxi service for the age and hand-i cap - so they have transportation to and from doctor visit , we did the research and they have only 1 bus we need about 3 more, we have no money to start this because we spent it on all my medical bills and i have more ; but i can run it from home and we checked and they beg us to do this so here we are asking for your help and if you know anyone that will help please do ;come see us stay help to see that your money is used were we said it would ; i have never been out of work and still want to do something ; like i said i can run it from bed if so god bless ;heva a blessed day jake kellar
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jake and gina k
need money to open a taxi service for the age and hand-i-cap in palestine texas
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Stan the Man   in reply to Berthealy2006
Thank you.
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Berthealy2006   in reply to Stan the Man money on here, sorry....check all ur community resources...police, firehalls, food banks, schools, churches. There is help u just have to find it. Bless u!
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Stan the Man
My wife an I been searching day an night to find help. Sense I got hit by a drunk driver May 14, 2013 I lost my job an most of my ability to lift heavy objects. Here in this state hard labor is all we got. I do have a talent in painting pictures but without the proper funding I cant get my own business started. I have one daughter that will be 1 Dec. 14.
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I have come across this in my desperate search for help. My husband became disabled after losing his job and it has been a full time job for me to take care of him. We have no income, and he has been turned down time and time again for benefits. I am so desperate, I am thinking of doing things I would have never done before. I really dont want to, but if I cant figure something out soon, that will be my only solution. if anyone would help with anything it would be truly appreciated.
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David B   in reply to David B
I didn't mention it before but I am a disabled Veteran of Viet Nam and that means jack to Americans today. THANK YOU America. I doubt it will get any reads, but just in case, I have a paypal at By the way, why as a disabled retired Soldier who goes to the VA do I have to pay over $100.00 a month to Medicare????? I don't have any choice in the matter.
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David B
Yhere are a lot of us in the same boat. I don't beg but I so make use of everything the 'system' has to offer. Well, we all know it isn't enough. I lost my life savings in the market crash, then I lost my home and my car. I even lost everything I had in storage becaue I had no place else to put it and no money to pay the storage bill. I live month to nonth with notheing left and almost always have to short one bill to pay the past due on others. I live in a slum with the cheapest rent possible. I have been ripped off once already living here. I keep a survival knife under my pillow and sleep in bursts of a couple hours at a time.I currently have no water and soon will have no gas for heat and no electricity so I can relate to your problems. If you find a way out of the financial quagmire, let me know. I am at my wits end.
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Help me please! My husband was in a catastrophic accident while on his shrimp boat. The medical costs have been incredible!! I have nothing left and am raising two boys 4 and 7 by myself. My job is strained and my hours are few. I cannot pay any of my bills and facing foreclosure. If you can help I have a PayPal account under May God bless you and keep you for your generosity!!
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I am in a similar situation, my best friend and I recently moved into an apartment together, this was 12 days ago, and yesterday, he lost his job. So now I have to work very hard, and really scrap whatever I can to hopefully make it. I'm so blessed to work at Chipotle, because I am fed for the most part, and I've been living below my means for a while, so I need all the help I can get as well, I too have a paypal, if there are generous souls out there that happen to read this:

Paypal email:
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 in response to Gearhead34...   Hi,
Just wondering if you've gotten any help yet?
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Ya, me too. Lost my job a year an a half ago. Ive worked since I was 8 years old. Have a mortgage I cannot pay. Never thought this would ever happen to me because I have always worked an was always willing to do so. I am 2 years now behind on my mortgage an hired a lawyer to stop forclosure. Instead of paying for my house I have to pay the lawyer. I am an american, yet its so hard to get real help. All these other countries benifit from my tax dollors but no one wants to help our struggling people. Even movie stars give to other countries. Its so sad. Charity starts at home.
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